Skiis and Slopes

Rainbolt loves the thrill of skiing black diamonds


Ella Stone, Staff Writer

Freshman athlete Izzie Rainbolt, who began skiing at age four, likes to spend her time on the slopes.


She decided to pick up snowboarding in sixth grade and has since then grown more fond of snowboarding. 


“Skis are better for harder runs like black diamonds, but snowboarding is fun for cruising and stuff,” Rainbolt said. 


Her whole family skis and snowboards, and some of her cousins were in the X Games for snowboarding. The X Games are an extreme sports competition that is presented twice a year by ESPN. 


When she’s not skiing, she spends her free time playing school and competitive soccer, as well as babysitting.


“I’ve been playing on the same competitive team since sixth grade with some girls in my grade,” Rainbolt said. 


She babysits children often, but not usually in her own neighborhood. 


Her family has planned yet another ski trip, this time to Wolf Creek, Colorado over spring break.


“I’m excited, but I’m just going to ski because I don’t know the mountain very well,” Rainbolt said.