Staffers attend Thunder media day


Kelly Matteson

Publications staff poses in Paycom Arena during the Thunder media day.

Madison Moore, Staff Writer

      The newspaper and yearbook staff went to the Paycom Center in early November to learn how the Thunder promoted their organization. The Thunder’s corporate communications team explained how it operates, how they capture photos, and what the graphic design team does.

       Jace Price, Director of Social Media for the Oklahoma City Thunder, talked about how the interview process was tedious and stressful. Zach Beeker, the team photographer for the Thunder and its G League affiliate the Oklahoma City Blue. He started in photography by becoming a photographer at his college, University of Miami, photographing for events and sports all over campus. From there, he found a passion for sports specifically and that’s how he began his career.

       “I think that the importance of listening to these speakers is that what you learn here can be applied into real jobs, and it shows us things that we can bring back into our classroom,” newspaper editor Kate Fletcher said.