Seniors Earn Red Cords


Katelyn Kelly

Father Danny Grover presents the red cord to senior Maddie Rowlan at the April 27 Mass.

Sullivan McCollum, Staff Writer

Fifty-nine seniors earned the red cord on April 27. Senior Maddie Rowlan earned the most with over 700 service hours. 

Students are required to complete cumulative hours of unpaid service over the course of their four years. All seniors who accumulate 300 hours or more have eligibility to apply for the Red Cord of Distinguished Service graduation honor. 

“We talk about helping the disenfranchised, the people who are on the margins, and that’s what so many of these students have done,” Campus Minister Kelly Allen said. “Our hope is that you’ll find something you care about and that you’re passionate about and you take that with you beyond these halls, and I would say for all of these people that have had 300 or more hours, they found something they cared about and they put their time and effort in that and that’s so important to step out of just who we are to the larger community.”

Other students with a substantial number of hours include Katherine Ramirez, Peyton McCuan and Grace Engel.