Seniors return to Christ the King during Catholic Schools Week


Returning Christ the King graduates, now seniors, attend Knights in the Morning to begin Catholic Schools Week.

Kate Fletcher, Editor

To kick off Catholic Schools Week, Christ the King invited its 2019 graduates, now seniors, back for Knights in the Morning, a monthly assembly held at the school. 

Celebrated since 1974, the last Sunday of January each year marks the beginning of Catholic Schools Week, highlighting the importance of Catholic Schools and the impact it has on its students. 

“I felt this was important because it shows everyone that one of the important components of Catholic education is community,” Christ the King principal Amy Feighny said. “Christ the King School has a very tight faith-filled community, and even if you are no longer part of the school, you will always be part of the community.”

During the assembly, seniors shared some of their favorite memories from their time at Christ the King. There were various memories shared from the years spent at the school from field trips like the Zoo Snooze and Court of Dreams to yearbook work days and many fond memories made in specials classes. 

“The children at CK look up to the older individuals,” Feighny said. “They are role models to many. I wanted the students at Christ the King to hear that the graduates remember CK in a positive way and look forward to coming back to their past school.” 

Senior Jackson Cassil and others shared their favorite Christ the King memories. Shared at the assembly was a story of kickball at recess. Cassil recalled playing kickball during recess in middle school. On one particular day, when it was his turn to kick, he kicked the ball as hard as he could, like most middle school boys would. As the ball went through the air, it hit the power lines just right, causing the power to go out in the school. 

“It was important to go to share with the now students that the things you’re doing now you’ll remember later, so make it a good memory,” Cassil said.  

The seniors who attended stayed for the rest of the assembly and spent time walking around the school to visit their former classrooms and teachers. As a result of the inclement weather, the seniors had a snow day, allowing them to spend a few extra hours at the school. 

“None of them rushed home to get back in bed, but stayed for most of the morning reflecting on their years at CK,” Feighny said. “It was awesome. The faculty at Christ the King loved it as well.”

Traditionally, Catholic Schools Week is a big week at Christ the King. Some traditions include, dress out days, a book fair, and the week concludes with a pie in the face fundraiser. 

“Going back on Catholic Schools Week was special because it was pajama day, and we got to go back and see the book fair, which was my favorite part of Catholic Schools Week when I was there,” senior Kelly Willis said. 

This was the first time Christ the King invited seniors back to visit at Knights in the Morning, and Feighny says she plans on continuing it for the years to come. 

“I had a wonderful response from graduates who were excited to come and share their experiences,” Feighny said. “Even from graduates who could not attend, they sent positive messages.” 

Catholic Schools Week provides a time for schools around the country to celebrate their schools, parishes, and communities. Feighny felt that having graduates return to talk about their memories highlighted the strength of both the school and parish community.

“CK was a great school, but the best part was the people,” Cassil said.