Seniors put on halloween carnival for the Boys and Girls club


Julia Coats

The senior class works at the Boys and Girls Club for their senior service project. This year the seniors put on a halloween festival for the kids and their families.

Zella Leffel, Writer

This year the senior service project at the Boys and Girls Club is back to a Halloween Carnival that is open to both the kids and their families for the first time since Covid.

The senior class has done their service project at the Boys and Girls club for the past 10 years, even managing during Covid to put on a movie night for the kids. The project is both impactful to the community and to the senior class that runs it.

“The notion that the whole class comes together to make it happen is a really cool unifying thing, that I just think is very impressive,” campus minister and Co-sponsor Kelly Allen said.

A lot of work goes into the carnival, and every senior plays a role in making it happen. Some seniors will make signs and decorations for the carnival, while others will help run the games and interact with the kids. 

“The project is just a great way for the seniors to come together and do something big one last time,” Co-Sponsor Christine Pankratz said. “With everybody participating and everybody playing a part, it’s a way to leave a legacy in a positive way.”

The senior service project is something that the entire class works on, and it is a culmination of everything the school teaches about the importance and impact of service. 

“The senior class officers are the ones who plan this whole thing and execute the whole thing,” Pankratz said. “ Ms. Allen and I as sponsors do very little and so any credit for the success of this definitely goes to the senior class officers for leading the way.”