Girl’s Soccer Falls Short in the Championship


Photo by Lance Payne

Abby Edwards, Staff Writer

After a season full of wins, the girl’s soccer team made their third consecutive run to the state championship, but fell short to Piedmont in a double overtime game 2-1. 

The team rode on a high all season after winning a majority of the season and then spent the end of the season gearing up for a projected state championship game. 

“The season was really fun. I would say it was the best one yet in terms of how close we all were to each other,” junior goalkeeper Bea Vogler said. 

The team looked forward to getting another chance to beat their rival team in the championship game once again after beating them last year, and having a close game this season with a score of 2-1. Getting to the championship game was not easy though. The team had to win all playoff games to get that chance again, and that meant facing school rival Bishop Kelley in the semifinals. 

“My favorite memory from this season was probably going to Bishop Kelley,” Vogler said. “That was one of the best games.”