Senior Soccer Captain’s


Lance Payne

Senior Sabrina Guzman dribbles the ball up the field during the Guymon game. The Irish wins 8-0

Madison Moore

As the season is winding down, the seniors are closer to playing their last high school game and senior captains, Sabrina Guzman and Marc Tawk are working to lead the team with skill, determination and passion for the game. 

Guzman is a midfielder who has been a part of the team for all four years and has earned her position as a starter. As a captain Guzman’s peers have mentioned how she is the perfect role model for teammates and has shown good leadership all four years. 

“As a captain on the team, I feel like my leadership skills have helped me develop personally on and off the field,” Guzman said. “Also with high school soccer it helped me to truly have fun with my teammates and enjoy the reason why I started playing soccer.” 

Tawk’s leadership on and off the field has been needed for his team this year. 

My proudest achievement is being on varsity all four years and being named captain my senior year,” Tawk said. 

  Guzman talked about the lessons she has learned as a student athlete. 

“It’s a lot of time management but I use the saying student athlete because you are a student first then athlete second,” Guzman said.  

Guzman and Tawk are both involved in StuCo in the past years. For their senior year, Guzman is the Chair of Fundraising and Tawk is a Senator.  

I balance academics and soccer by making the most of my time and making sure I never get behind on schoolwork, which lets me focus more on soccer,” Tawk said. 

As they get ready to graduate and move on from high school sports, Guzman and Tawk both mentioned how they will carry on the lessons they’ve learned on and off the field. Guzman committed in early October to Grand Canyon University in Arizona. Tawk chose to go to the University of Oklahoma and focus on his academic career. 

Senior Marc Tawk Winding up for a shot during the Guymon game. Irish falls short with a 2-3 score. (Lance Payne )