Students Head to Robbers Cave


Members of the Venturing Crew during their Campout to Slippery Falls November 2022. Photo by Danielle Coats

Julia Coats, Staff Writer

Members of the Venturing Crew, students who seek the joys of being outside and exploring nature, went to a campout at Robbers Cave the weekend of April 15th. 


The Crew journeyed  over two hours to Wilburton, Oklahoma, to spend the weekend at Robbers Cave State Park. They planned to campout, cook supper, enjoy s’mores, explore the cave and hike around. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join.


Senior Jacob Love has been a member of the Venturing Crew for three years, along with becoming an Eagle Scout. 


“To prepare for the Robbers Cave camp out, we will plan all of our meals and announce all of the materials that everyone needs to bring,” Love said. There are 14 available spots on the excursion, and all members will hike and explore with a backpack, carrying food, bedding, water and tents. 


Those who join Venturing Crew learn skills and experience in the outdoors. These individuals gain confidence in their ability to navigate and potentially survive in nature, without cell phones and GPS’. 


“I have comfort in the outdoors. I can go out in the woods and be perfectly fine for however long I have to stay out there.” Love said. “If there is an emergency, I can survive. Venturing Crew is all about gaining that comfort in the woods and not worrying about things.” 


Members of the Venturing Crew took a day trip to Roman Nose State Park March 26. Located in Western Oklahoma, Roman Nose features a variety of outdoor activities. Fishing, hiking trails, wildlife and swimming are just a few of the opportunities available. After traveling an hour to Watonga, Oklahoma, the Crew spent the day exploring Roman Nose State Park. They hiked over seven miles and brought their own lunches to picnic on the trail. 


“It was a beautiful day. We brought our own lunches and enjoyed the outdoors,” said the Venturing Crew’s faculty sponsor Danielle Coats.  


Established in 2017, the Venturing Crew has taken many excursions around Oklahoma, including Slippery Falls, Beavers Bend, Martin Nature Park, Alabaster Caverns, The Wichita Mountains, Scout Ranch and The Illinois River. 


“My favorite thing we’ve done would be the float trip down the Illinois River last year. It is a beautiful area,” said Love.