Students strive not to scramble eggs


Senior Sabrina Guzman orders food from Sonic with her egg “dependent”. Mr Tom March’s Theology students had to take care of an egg for a week, making sure to keep it safe. Guzman took the photo for her slideshow presentation at the end of the project.

Kate Menz

Students in Theology Teacher Tom March’s Catholic Social Teachings class took on an egg project, which made them look more deeply into helping the poor and vulnerable.  

The project helped students consider the side of the poor and vulnerable as they had to take care of an egg, which naturally was fragile in the outside world. 

“Through viewing our eggs in this perspective, we developed an understanding of the complex conditions that make people vulnerable and developed a deeper understanding regarding my own vulnerability towards others,” senior Sabrina Guzman said.

Students took the egg everywhere they went, making sure they kept it safe for the week. They included the egg in the many of the activities they had to do in daily life, like eating with it or praying with the egg.

“Oddly enough, this little egg requires quite a bit of sacrifice to do the things you have to do with it and take care of it and make sure it doesn’t get broken,” March said.

The students also found ways to make the project fun, like decorating their eggs or doing photo shoots with other eggs. 

“I think that the more the student buys into the idea of actually treating their egg like a person, the more fun they have with it,” March said.