Baseball honors 10 seniors with a major win


Senior Dax Joyce hits a ball off Southeast pitcher. The team won 22-0.

Abby Edwards, Staff Writer

After a successful season so far, the baseball team honored their 10 seniors with a 22-0 win against Southeast High School. 

As the team gets ready for playoffs, the seniors prepare for the last part of their last season playing high school baseball. 

“It feels weird to be graduating because I want to leave and go to college, but at the same time I’ve had such a good time and don’t want to leave,” senior Brett Jacobs said. 

After senior night their next home game was one of the most anticipated of the season, where these seniors got to face their district rival Carl Albert.

“My best memory from my senior season so far was when we beat Carl Albert 3 to 0 and all the lights shut off in the middle of the game,” senior Dax Joyce said. 

The coaches, while preparing for playoffs, are also feeling very bittersweet about this class of seniors graduating and will miss such a big part of the team next year. 

“They are like my own kids. I have known some of them since they were in diapers,” Coach Corey Edwards said.