More than an Ivy League

Stewart lands full ride to Brown, but weighs all his options.


Lizzie Carter, Staff Writer

Although college is the plan for many high school graduates and many dream about getting a full ride to an Ivy League school, the school’s first student to be admitted to Brown University feels differently. 

“It’s not that big a deal,” senior Skye Stewart said. 

A Westminster graduate, Stewart attended Cristo Rey Catholic High School before transferring to McGuinness second semester of freshman year. 

Stewart’s college application process started through a network called QuestBridge, which is a highly competitive scholarship program in which the top students selected are offered a full ride to their matched school. Stewart matched with Brown University. 

However, he looks for fulfillment in the mundane things rather than the industrial, by listening to his indie rock music, rock climbing, playing music with his friends, traveling and being a good older brother. 

He also dreams of traveling the country in a van with his friends and living a nomadic lifestyle. He appreciates learning about the vast differences in culture and customs across the world.

“My only family happens to be in Japan,” Stewart said. “The people that I’m related to are cool. It’s kinda like the exact opposite of Western society, which is nice.”

While most of Stewart’s family lives in Japan, being a good brother and modeling after his single mom’s character has heavily influenced his life. 

 “My mom’s always been a good person,” Stewart said. “She’s just someone who has been there for my entire life. She’s my actual best friend. She has been the only person actually in my life.” 

When he’s not visiting Japan in the summer, Stewart attends Camp Kanakuk located in Missouri where he has made close friends. Stewart says his camp experiences have greatly impacted him in the best ways. 

“It’s definitely made me better,” Stewart said. “If not [for camp], it would be a very different situation. My friends there, we’ve all just helped each other, and we’ve gone through a bunch of stuff together.”

Stewart discovered a love for rock climbing in his downtime. Stewart loves solving the problems that come with the climb.  

“I love solving the problem,” Stewart said. “That’s the coolest part, but I can usually see it. It gives you something to work at and you can go back and forth.”

A love of music has always been in Stewart’s life and he holds a great appreciation for it, whether it’s classical, indie, concerts or playing instruments with his friends.

“I was told whenever I was young to go see as much live music as you can because you’re only going to be able to experience it once, so I try to go to whatever concert I can,” Stewart said.  

While unsure if he will attend Brown University, Stewart is drawn to to studying engineering. He is grateful for the opportunity to attend an Ivy League school, but says he wants to enjoy life and consider all his options before committing. 

“Whenever I’m older, then I can sit down and binge watch a show or whatever,” Stewart said. “But now, I’d rather just do stuff and make the most of my experiences.”