Zella’s Books: “The Unhoneymooners”


Romance is a fun genre to dive into, and this rom-com is a must read for those who enjoy the enemies to lovers trope. 

“The Unhoneymooners” by Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings (under the pen name of Christina Lauren) is the story of the perpetually unlucky Olive Torres and the ten days she spent in paradise with her worst enemy. 

Olive has always considered herself the unlucky twin and the last month of mishaps seems to have proved her right. Meanwhile things always seem to work out well for her sister Ami, who is getting married in a wedding almost exclusively paid for by winning contests. However, in a strange twist of fate, the entire wedding gets food poisoning except for Olive, and her nemesis, the best man Ethan Thomas.

Ami’s free honeymoon is soon up for grabs, and Olive decides that she won’t let Ethan enjoy it all to himself. They call a temporary truce and fly off to Maui. However, there is a catch— they must pretend to be loving newlyweds while there. Over the next ten days Olive discovers that she doesn’t mind playing the role of her lucky twin, and that maybe there’s more to Ethan than she thought.

This book made me laugh out loud as I followed Olive and Ethan’s evolving relationship. I read the whole hilarious and inspiring story in just a day.  I stepped away from it with the lesson that anyone can feel lucky if they’re willing to fight for what they want. I recommend this book to anyone who feels unlucky in life or love and could use some hope and humor.