Students share effects of virtual learning

Ella Stone, Staff Writer

Ever since COVID-19 occurred in 2020, virtual days have been a staple for most schools with the resources. 

The Ipads, Chromebooks and computers many high schools use came in handy when in-school learning becomes unavailable. However some students have struggled with the overload of work then, and even now.

“It definitely feels like more but if you really think about it, it’s actually about the same type of work we have on a normal school day,” junior Eden Gilbert said.

Students have said that being at home is hard because they do not want to do work at home.

“I don’t like working at home,” freshman Morgan St. John said. “I need to be in the zone and be focused.”

Students enjoy virtual days when they receive less work than they regularly do on normal school days.

“The best part of snow days is that I can just sit at home and do homework rather than going and driving to school,” senior Tara Nguyen said.

Staying at home is a big contributing factor to virtual day enjoyment.

“I feel like virtual days are very nice to have because we can sleep in and do the work at our own pace, even though it would be nice to just have a snow day without any work,” junior Taylor Vann said.