Students review OKC restaurants


Infographic by Matthew Fowler

If you have ever needed somewhere to eat that’s fast and inexpensive but good, we have just what you need. Each restaurant in the food review is rated in four different categories from the perspective of a teenager who is on a budget and in a hurry.  Each rating from each category averages to its overall rating. Every category is rated on a one to five scale, five being the best and one being the worst. The four categories are distance, flavor, cost and efficiency. 

Distance is measured in miles from the school. A one rating is four to five miles away, a two is three to four miles away, a three is two to three miles away, a four is one to two miles away and a five is less than one mile away.

Flavor is rated by previous experiences at each restaurant. This rating is one of opinions of staff members: Cathy Schultz, Madison Moore and Matt Fowler. 

Cost is measured in dollars for a meal including an appetizer, entree and drink. A one was $50 or more, a two was $40 to $50, a three was $20 to $30, a four was $10 to $20 and a one was $10 or less. 

Efficiency was measured in minutes from when you order to when you get your food. A one was 20 minutes or more, a two was 15 to 20 minutes, a three was 10 to 15 minutes, a two was five to 10 minutes and a five was five minutes or less.