Western Ave Construction

Madison Walters

After coming back from winter break, students have been faced with construction on Western Ave.

The project is part of the Better Streets, Safer City, a bond passed in 2017 to resurface streets, create sidewalks, trails and many other additions for Oklahoma City.

Assistant Principal Tim McFadden has been sending text messages and emails to alert parents and students when there is traffic and construction near the school.

“I drive by earlier than most students and say, ‘well, if it was bad for me, then it will be even worse for students’,” McFadden said. 

With the proximity of the construction to the school, many students have had to adjust their morning schedules in order to arrive at school on time. 

“It was a disaster,” senior Thomas Trepagnier said. “I had to leave like five minutes early but it depends on the traffic because late start days are worse.”