New year, new goals

Students find new healthy habits

As the new year has begun, many are making new changes to their routine.


The new year is a great time to start something new. Maybe it is to workout, to begin a new skincare routine, to be nicer to your siblings, to volunteer, or to do something else your heart might desire. 


Senior Skye Fleet started cycling as her New Year’s resolution over the break. She hopes to add this goal into her daily routine. 


“It’s hard, but it motivates me for the rest of the day,” Fleet said.


Cycling gives you the benefit of working out while also having fun music, colorful lights, and an instructor to guide you through the workout. 


“I really love the atmosphere at the Cycle Society, which makes it fun to workout,” Fleet said.


When working out it is all about commitment. It is not a new habit if you are not consistent. Consistency is the only way to get better and achieve goals. 


“I go about 4 to 5 times a week, and sometimes even attend the 5:30 a.m. session before school,” Fleet said.


It is easier to stay on top of your goals, when you are organized and have plans set. It is hard when you do things spur of the moment and cannot plan.


Junior Carson Knight started his new year off with staying organized and being prepared for what his day might bring.


“I hope to stay organized so my life is less stressful,” Knight said.


Stress is an issue for many but staying organized can help you to be ready for whatever might be thrown your way.


“Being organized can be hard to follow and stick with, but it’ll benefit us at some point and that is why we should try,” Knight said.


New goals are hard to follow, but the longer we follow the more routine they will become, and the easier they will get. If you ever struggle with following through, just remember you are not alone, and it is ok to make a mistake every once in a while as long as you get back on track.