M3GAN Review


Madison Moore, Staff Writer

The highly anticipated “M3GAN” was released Jan. 6, and was surprisingly well earned. The movie is filled with jumpscares, high suspense within scenes and leaves viewers wanting more of M3GAN’s cold personality.

M3GAN stands for “Model 3 Generative Android. ” She is a life-like doll programmed to be a child’s special companion and help the parents with simple reminders for their kids. Designed by Gemma, an outstanding robotist. M3GAN can imitate voices, listen in on conversations, learn with the child and be a child’s best playmate. Gemma gives her 9-year-old niece the first prototype of M3GAN after the death of her parents, but soon unthinkable things start to happen. 

This movie was surprisingly well written though it was only the director Gerard Johnstone’s second movie. His first movie “Housebound” was another Horror/Comedy that premiered  in 2014 earning a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. Johnstone does a good job introducing the characters and the development of problems that arise.  

In addition, the usage of CGI/special effects was amazing with M3GAN.  Two different actresses perform the part of M3GAN with the physical movements of M3GAN it was Amie Donald, and the voice of M3GAN was Jenna Davis. 

M3GAN also stands out for her fashionable outfits throughout the movie. Lizzy Gardiner, an Oscar-winning costume designer created the main outfit we see M3GAN wear. Gucci was a big inspiration for Johnstone.

Overall, this movie was a good start to a series of M3GAN movies for the future. It’s already said that a sequel will come early January 2025. I recommend waiting to see this movie when it comes out on streaming platforms. I would give this movie a 4 star rating.