Chambers and family visit Cancun for Christmas Break


Chamber poses for photo on the beach with her family.

Kate Menz, Staff Writer

On Christmas break Freshman Teagen Chambers went to Cancun, Mexico with her parents, grandparents, her brothers, and some cousins as a Christmas present from her grandparents.

 They stayed for four days at the Wyndham Resort Hotel where they swam, played beach volleyball, and snorkeled on coral reefs.

“The snorkeling was just really peaceful,” she said. “It was just really pretty, and cool to get to see everything.” 

While at the hotel, she also celebrated the New Year. Her family dressed up in all black and white and danced at an exclusive party. They dined at the hotel’s three in-house restaurants where they ate tacos, sushi, Sunday-brunch and more. They also went to the beach, lounged on the hotel’s deck-chairs and swam in the ocean.

“Overall the trip was good and very relaxing” she said “ and I was glad to be able to spend time with my family.”