Eaton celebrates Christmas in NYC


Sophomore Eaton snaps photo of the famous Rockefeller Tree.

Kate Menz, Staff Writer

Over five days during Christmas break sophomore Maecy Eaton went to New York City where she was able to spend time with her aunts and her cousin.

 They traveled by plane, which first took them to Chicago, then to New York. Eaton had visited the city before, but this time she was able to surprise her younger cousin on the trip.

While in New York, Eaton and her family visited Brooklyn, where they did lots of shopping, explored Chinatown together, went ice skating at the Rockefeller Center, and went on a carriage ride. She also got to see Hamilton, which she thought was sad but good.

  “Just being there was amazing” she said “it is very busy at night, very pretty, and very lit up” 

Eaton’s favorite thing was being able to see New York’s big Christmas trees, like the one at the Rockefeller Center.

  “Overall the trip was fun, I liked seeing all the places and parts of NYC, and I would definitely go back for a third time.” She said