Grim family travels to Costa Rica


Freshmen Elise Grim snapped the photo above of the sunset in Costa Rica.

Cathy Schultz , Staff Writer

Over winter break, freshmen Elise, junior Nate, and the rest of the Grim family traveled to Costa Rica after the trip got rescheduled from its original cancellation at the beginning of COVID. 

“I was most excited about the adventures that awaited, especially cliff jumping, zip lining and different types of food.” Elise Grim said.

The Grim’s trip was suddenly replanned when they were offered to either go now or not go at all and not get a refund. They used their original plans and went on many fun adventures including hiking, hot springs swimming and even trying out natural slides. 

“We went to Costa Rica because my parents heard it was really fun,” Elise Grim said. “There was a lot to do which was nice, like beaches, mountains, and jungles.”

Hiking and zip lining were activities the family tried before, however; cliff jumping, hot springs and the natural slides were new experiences for the family. The natural slides were paths that were not man-made, which you can slide down into water below.The hot springs, caused by a volcano, were right outside the house they stayed in. 

“We first stayed by a volcano and that was really cool,” Elise Grim said. “and then the second part of the trip we stayed on a beach, which was also nice.”

In addition to all the fun activities, the food was also a favorite of the trip. There were many different types of food that was tried including fish that they caught when deep sea fishing. 

“My favorite part of the trip was probably the food,” Elise Grim said. “We had this fish that was fried and it was so good, it was actually a ten out of ten.”