Review: Midnights by Taylor Swift


Abby Edwards, Staff Writer

   After staying up until midnight on Oct 21, Midnights by Taylor Swift is worth the listen but not worth the loss of sleep. Being Taylor Swift’s most personal album, Midnights features the depth in lyrics, similar to some of her previous songs, while also featuring new elements to each song that she hasn’t done before, like the electric beats and techno noises.

   While this album would be under the genre of “Pop” the lyrics and musical components could fit under different genres, because of the variety of each song. For example, in her song “Snow On the Beach” it has more of a calm rock feel to it while her song “Bejeweled” has a similar feel to her other works that would be considered pop music.

   This variety of musical elements while being new and exciting, gave the album a sort of chaotic feel. When listening, you can listen to one song that makes you want to get up and dance like “Midnight Rain”, and then the next song could be calming and peaceful like “Sweet Nothing”, which works together in a way, but at the same time makes the album feel like it does not flow.

   For a person who has been listening to Taylor Swift her entire life this album is pretty good and it makes sense, but to someone who may have just started listening to her it comes off as sporadic. Some would also not continue to listen because of the variety of this album.

   Overall, I give this album a 6.5 out of 10 because this album’s lyrics and the individual songs are really good, but I wouldn’t say it all fits together.