Volleyball finishes 2nd in state

Volleyball competes in the state championship falls to Mount St. Mary 0-3

Abby Edwards

Greer Deleon, 10, serves the ball in Thursday’s quarter finals volleyball game in the state tournament against Sapulpa. (Abby Edwards)
Preparing to hit the ball, Grace Smallwood, 12, competes in Thursday’s state match. (Abby Edwards)
Clare Kierl, 11, sets the ball to one of the hitters in the state quarter finals game. (Abby Edwards)
Senior captain Grace Smallwood hits the ball during the state semi finals game against Carl Albert Friday. (Abby Edwards)
After an ace, Grace Smallwood, 12, and Elise Grim, 9, chest bump to celebrate in the state semi finals game. (Abby Edwards)
Grace McDougall, 11, spikes the ball in the Friday volleyball game against Carl Albert. (Abby Edwards)
Before the Saturday’s game Ella Christiansen, 11, and Charlotte Nelson, 9, give each other words of encouragement to prepare. (Abby Edwards)
Before the state championship, the team huddles for the last time this season. (Abby Edwards)
Grace Smallwood, 12, spikes the ball in the state championship game against Mount St. Mary. (Abby Edwards)
Coach Kelli Miller watches as Charlotte Nelson, 9, spikes the ball. (Abby Edwards)
Cathy Schultz, 12, sets the ball in the state championship game. (Abby Edwards)