Students take on BeReal

Kate Fletcher (12), Abbi Pefferman (12) and Abby Edwards (10) win their last home softball game against PCN.

Madison Moore

BeReal is ranked second on the app store for top free apps, and taking over many teenagers, even adults and schools including McGuinness. 

BeReal was created by two French developers, Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau. Alexis Barreyat is a former GoPro employee. The app was developed in 2020, but did not become popular until mid 2022. According to the Business of Apps website, BeReal has grown to 21.6 million monthly active users.

What makes BeReal unique from other social media is that users get a notification once a day telling them to post. 

“Other social media platforms don’t tell you when to post, plus you have to post in order to see other people post,senior Banton Ward said. 

When users take a BeReal, it simultaneously takes their picture as well as what is in front of them. 

I just haven’t heard anything about an app that takes a picture on both sides at once,”  freshman Beatrice Ward said. “I just think it’s so fun and different.” 

Social media produces either positive or negative effect on people.  When people post on Instagram, their posts show an idealistic want, but freshman Elise Grim believes BeReal has a positive effect.