Faith journey leads to teaching career


Courtney Stone

Catherine Parent, Freshman, Media Studies Student

New theology teacher Courtney Stone’s life has always been centered around her faith. Her career started as a youth minister straight out of college. Covid ended her job as a youth minister, but gave her the opportunity to work as the theology teacher at Mount St. Mary’s.

“And as soon as I started, everything just clicked, and I realized, I’m doing what I wanted to do most of the time as a youth minister,” Stone said.

After spending two years working at the Mount, Stone figured she would like to try a more philosophical approach to teaching theology. She applied at Bishop McGuinness because of the curriculum being taught and the people who work here.

“It just seemed like a really good fit,” Stone said.“I felt like I would have a team here who could back me up, and I could back them up and share ideas.”

Stone always knew that she wanted to teach young people. When she graduated college, she realized she wanted to teach about God. She was homeschooled most of her life by her mother, who had a big impact on her life and her faith.

“My mother, I would be a different person if it wasn’t for her,” Stone said. “She really taught me not just subjects in school, but taught me how to pray as well.”