Tasha Hinex leads Irish pom team


Coach Tasha Hinex joined the staff as head pom coach. Hinex is also the pom coach at Oklahoma City University.

Hinex said she was excited to take the position since she has connections to some of the members on the team and enthused to start coaching more of what she loves. Tasha was aware it would be a lot to handle but figured out a way to be able to do what she loves.

“I have a very, very strict time schedule so I set it up to where I can be at one practice, then have a little midday restart, be at the second one, restart, and on to number three,” said Hinex.

Hinex started dancing when she was three. She then proceeded on to high school and college Pom. She started teaching at summer camps and continued that for about 14 years. She then started coaching not too long after graduating and has continued this path.

“I think my favorite thing about coaching is the process and seeing how things start in comparison to how they end,” said Hinex.