Students form new clubs


Senior Eli Maimo encourages dancer to join NHSDA at club walk-about

Zella Leffel, Writer

Students looking to get more involved now have more options to choose from with seven new clubs this year. 

Club leaders are organizing their first meetings of the year. The school had a new club walk-about to advertise them. 

The new clubs include: 

  • ASL Club — The club’s goal is to learn American Sign Language. To join, contact junior McKenzie Morgan or senior Jinna Smail, the presidents.
  • Pictures of the Mind: Creative Writing Club— The club will offer prompts to get students writing, and editing to improve their writing. To join, contact seniors Lundyn Cox or Julia Coats.
  • BMCHS Book Club — Book club will have monthly meetings to discuss the book of the month, and choose the next book they will read. To join, contact juniors Zella Leffel or McKenzie Morgan.
  • Karaoke Club — This club is for people who enjoy karaoke. To join contact Laney Maguire the sponsor.
  • READY Irish (Responding to Emergencies, Advocacy, and Diseases for Youth) — The club’s goal is to educate and prepare students of real world emergencies or health situations. To join, contact sophomores Kylee Hart or Lena Shadid.
  • Girl Up — The club’s goal is to encourage the student body to stand up for women’s rights, empowerment and leadership roles. To join, contact sophomores Peri Mossman or Jackie Thomas.
  • National Honor Society for Dance Arts — To join contact Cristen Whitaker the sponsor or senior Eli Maimo.M