DV prepares for Dancing with the Irish Stars

DanceVisions is preparing for its annual winter showcase “Dancing with the Irish Stars,” which will include 11 duets with performances from students of all grades as well as the school staff. 

Last month, DV began its preparations for both the student-choreographed pieces, which will only include team members, and its competition duets.  Though not a requirement, the duets are an entertaining way to bring in revenue for the team.

“My preparation as head of DV begins with the production of student choreography pieces as well as duets,” DV Coach Cristen Whitaker says. “Then from there, I make sure that we have a good and strong opening and closing piece for DV to perform as a group. I also like to add my Dance I, Dance II and Dance III classes into the mix for their share of stage time.”

Duo members Livi Pefferman, sophomore, and Abbi Pefferman, senior, are one of the 11 duets set to appear on the stage on the night of. The sisters plan to display their dancing abilities to the tune of “Circus”  by Britney Spears. 

“Actually, I’m going to get very embarrassed, I don’t know how to dance,” Abbi Pefferman said. “ I did Dance I with Mrs. McLemore my freshman year, but that’s all I have to be honest.”

The two DV captains, Kate Schomas and Madalyn Parker help organize team events and choreograph main pieces for the shows.  

“If I could describe DV in one word, I would say ‘family’,” Parker said. “We are all very close-knit and encouraging towards one another. Helping each other and being inclusive for everyone is one of the most important aspects of DV.” 

DV is set to perform Dec. 8 in the Petuskey Performing Arts Center. After the student duet performances, the audience will pay to vote for a favorite duet and the proceeds will go to support DV.  This includes, but is not limited costumes, guest choreographers, and other extra technical elements that would be used in the spring show.