FCA sponsors Game Days


Blayne Schwarz

FCA members gather in the stands at the Aug. 18 softball game vs. Mount Saint Mary. The Irish won 15-3.

Abby Edwards, Staff Writer

FCA is working to bring awareness to all sports by rallying students at events and showing their support.

After 2020, FCA was unable to hold its usual events, so this year the club is preparing to bring those events back in an effort to emphasize the importance of faith in athletics. 

FCA sponsor and campus minister Kelly Allen said the club was active before the pandemic.

“We had the program and we were starting to rev everything up, and then COVID hit and we weren’t able to,” Allen said. “We had a huge event that filled the stands in the gym, and then we kind of had to back off, so this is a really big rebuilding year for us.”

To kickstart the year, FCA has planned FCA Game Days for every fall sport. Organizers hope these events will bring awareness to the club and to all school sports. 

So we are hoping with our sponsored Game Days to encourage participation from everyone involved in FCA to go support sports that don’t traditionally get the praise that you normally would throughout a season,” FCA president senior Blayne Schwarz said. 

Along with hosting events, FCA’s main goal is to remind people of its mission to keep faith as a part of athletics.

“It’s a big part of our Catholic identity,” Allen said. “You can’t separate like, ‘I’m an athlete on the field, but a Christian in church’. So it’s part of who we are as a whole person, and so we want to celebrate that.”

The next FCA event will be at the Sept. 15 volleyball game at home against Carl Albert.