Irish Pack the Paycom

Madison Walters, Staff Writer

With about 2,000 in attendance, the boys and girls basketball teams played the Battle of the Bishops at the Oklahoma City Thunder’s court.
The boys defeated the Comets 79-61, but the Comets beat the Lady Irish 26-46 in the Jan. 15 game.
For boys basketball coach Jake Brown, the experience of playing in an NBA arena was one he sought out for his team.
“I thought it would be really cool for the kids to play on the same floor as the Thunder,” Brown said. “It was just a fun way to make the McGuinness Kelley rivalry even more awesome.”
This planning started in the spring and winter 2021 with the idea being presented to the athletic director.
“The Paycom center contacted our coaches, Coach Brown and Coach Henderson, and pitched this program that they have, which is called the court of dreams, a high school hardwood series,” athletic director John Hamilton said.
In order for the schools to play there, each team was required to purchase $2,500 in Thunder tickets. The tickets were raffled off at the McGuinness Classic.
The coaches were pleased with the basketball game at the Paycom Center and hope to have another game there in the future.
“This was the first time that we were offered to play at the Paycom Center,” girls basketball coach Richie Henderson said. “I think that hosting the Battle of the Bishops at the Paycom Center was a great idea, and I hope that we are able to keep the tradition going.”