StuCo breaks fundraising record

Kampbell Kopera, Writer

The community helps exceed the goal of 80,000 by collecting 88,318 lbs which feeds hundreds of families in Oklahoma. 

Stuco comes up with ways to reach the goal and make an impact on Oklahoma families. 

“We exceeded our goal by encouraging students who have not brought in their cans the last few days to bring them in,” Engel said. “We had a lot of monetary fundraisers that helped a lot, such as the bake sale, button sales, and our online auction art.”  

Senior Grace Engel and her co-chair junior Sophia Lopez are leading the drive, which kicks off on Halloween. All proceeds will be donated to the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank. 

“Our theme this year is CAN-demic,” Engel said. “We thought this would be the best year for this theme and our motto is doing what we CAN. It is important for the students to realize that while there is a pandemic going on and a lot of things are constantly changing, there is always something you can do to help your community.”

Engel and junior co-chair Sophia Lopez strongly encourage students to bring their cans this year. 

“Due to the pandemic, many low income families are at risk for food insecurity,” Lopez said. “McGuinness’s canned food donations will help immensely. The drive helps the community feed families who are struggling during the pandemic. We are pushing for our motto this year, ‘doing what we can’.”

When the collection ends stuco students will build a sculpture with the cans prior to loading trucks from the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank. 

“We usually build a sculpture out of cans after the drive is over, and it is one of the best events in the drive,” Engel said. “It takes a lot of creativity and someone who is normally in STEM. We have delegated the planning because we want a good sculpture, but we are donating the cans so we have to be careful not to damage them.”

Canned goods, bagged goods, and donations to purchase meals for families,  can be dropped off in the front of the school each morning before school. Students who bring 60 lbs can dress out of uniform from now until Thanksgiving Break. Student Council also collects donations by bake sales, button sales, the art auction, trivia tournament, penny wars, and sponsor nights.