Seymour takes on StuCo

Sarah Miller, writer

Five days before this school year began, Natasha Seymour was offered the position of Director of Media Center. 

 “When I accepted the position, Mr. Morton told me, ‘By the way, we also want you to co-sponsor our student council’,” Seymour said. 

Latin teacher Kaity Sims and Seymour are both new student council sponsors this year. Figuring out the ropes of student council during a global pandemic has not been easy, but the senior class has proved to be very helpful.

“The senior class in particular really know what they are doing,” Sims said. “It’s been helpful to just follow their lead and help when we can.”

As student council president, senior Peyton McCuan works very closely with Sims and Seymour. She is confident the sponsors will bring new ideas and perspectives to the student council.

“I think Mrs. Seymour has been really great at learning what we are as a school and especially as a student council,” McCuan said. “She is very helpful when you need it, but is also understanding when students need to lead their own work.”

In May, Seymour graduated from The University of Oklahoma with her master’s degree in library information science. With Covid-19, she did not think the likelihood of finding a position in that field would be possible, so she had planned to stay at Mustang High School, where she taught English. Then her close friend, Spanish teacher Lauren Peña reached out to her and told her about the available position. 

“She texted me and said ‘Bishop might be having a position open. Is it something you’d be interested in?’ And I said yes,” Seymour said. 

So far, Seymour’s favorite part of McGuinness is the community. At Mustang High School, it was hard to feel connected to other people because of its size.

“When you have people come by to say ‘hi’, it’s really nice,” Seymour said. “People here genuinely care about other people.” 

Seymour’s favorite hobbies are hiking, baking, cooking, and reading. 

“I really like to read, but I haven’t had time the past couple years because I was working full time and going to grad school full time, and I have a four-year-old named Emmy,” Seymour said. “My husband and I also like to go hiking. We go out and we take our dog with us.”

This year, Seymour is looking forward to seeing how the student council and the school adapts its traditions amid COVID-19. Primarily, she wants to find a way to have Olympics and prom in the spring.

“You deserve those moments,” Seymour said.