Admin takes precautions as students return to in-person classes

Landry Jansen, writer

Returning to school after a six-month-long quarantine, the student body and the staff knew this school year would look very different. Before the year started, the administration informed students of many new precautions put in place to keep the community safe. 

Precautions include mandatory masks, plexi-glass in between lunch tables, and one way hallways. These precautions were implemented to ensure that students can stay in school and avoid distance learning. Students, including junior Morgan McLarty, have mixed emotions about returning to school under the given circumstances.

“My expectations of junior year and how it is actually going are very different,” McLarty said. “It is kind of disappointing and underwhelming.” 

One of the many new precautions included hiring a new school nurse, who happened to be Principal David Morton’s wife, Debbie Morton.

“I thought somebody needed to do it and so when Mr. Morton asked me, I said yes,” Morton said. “I really think that if you are very diligent about wearing a good mask and hand washing, that is the key to being safe.”

Sports have also endured a variety of changes, including socially-distanced practices and wearing masks during workouts. McLarty, a member of the cheerleading team, said wearing a mask while practicing for their state performance is a struggle.

“Cheer is really different,” McLarty said.  “We can only stunt for 15 minutes at a time, and we have to wear masks the whole practice. The mask moves around my face and flies over our eyes, which makes it difficult to see.”  

Freshman Walker Lape is still adjusting to a high school setting, especially having to do so in a global pandemic. 

“It feels like some freedom has been taken because of the virus,” Lape said. “It’s more similar to middle school than I was expecting.”

Students have been curious if new precautions are going to be introduced once winter hits; however, Mrs. Morton does not anticipate any additional precautions at this time.

“I don’t see how we can add more precautions,” Morton said. “I think what really needs to happen is for all students to keep their masks on and above their noses. We need to make people realize how important it is that we stay in school.”