Philmont Scout Ranch

Venturing Crew’s Summer Trip to Philmont

Venturing Crew members Emiline Henderson, Ellie Franks and Sara Lau went on the club’s October campout to Slippery Falls near Tishomingo.

Katelyn Fitzgerald, Staff Member

If social distancing restrictions are lifted and school trips are once again permitted, the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico will be the destination for the Venturing Crew. The ranch is the Boy Scouts of America’s largest National High Adventure Base, and there is a lot of preparation that goes into the trip.

Every couple of years, the Venturing Crew takes a trip to Philmont. The trip consists of a 12-day hike. This year’s trip was scheduled for June 8.

“So right now we are doing like individual hikes. I know that a lot of us are walking around our neighborhoods. But, before all of this quarantine stuff we were trying to get together at parks, and try hiking with our packs,” Venturing Crew VP senior Sara Lau said.

Because of Covid-19, the crew has been limited to individual training instead of overnight campouts, and day hikes. But, they aren’t giving up hope that Philmont will take place this summer.

“If we get to go I think they are going to have to make some changes with the community spaces like you know there’s a large dinning hall place where we share meals before the trail,” club sponsor Danielle Coats said.

The crew’s love of the outdoors is what drives them to prepare for the trip to Philmont. The crew will need to work together to solve problems, help out the environment, and put their strengths together to finally reach the top of the mountain, the Tooth of Time.

Since I can remember my family has been going to visit my family in Hawaii, and when we go there we hike and get outdoors and pretty much spend our entire trip outdoors.”

— Sara Lau

“I really enjoy being outside and traveling,” Coats said. “I had some hiking experience because I went hiking on the Appalachian Trail with some friends from high school a couple years ago, and I just kind of fell back in love with the outdoors. So, when I heard that the McGuinness crew was granted a spot at Philmont, I just volunteered to go on the trip because it sounds beautiful.”