Fitness in a crisis

Blaine Teague, Staff Writer

With the novel coronavirus keeping many people inside and away from their daily routines, many gym regulars and athletes fear that they will be losing their competitive edge. However, some student gym goers refuse to lose their gains in the face of a global pandemic.

Seniors Tommy Hosty, Dane Farris and Scot Sigler have banded together in order to save their gains with the creation of their new home gym, “Alpha Male Barbell.”

“We knew that we wouldn’t be able to go to the gym for a long time — so we decided that we need to get some equipment to maintain muscle,” Hosty said.

Their plan is a dream for most athletes who aren’t able to obtain their own equipment.

“We’re more limited in what we can do, but luckily we have a rack, barbells and plenty of dumbbells we can use for lots of different exercises,” Sigler said.

Senior wrestling captain Dane Farris, who refers to himself as the Dane Train, was less bothered by this limitation.

“Quarantine hasn’t affected my workouts since the Dane Train never stops,” Farris said

Sigler and Hosty, who are also competitive powerlifters, were especially worried about gym closures. Despite the closure of most establishments throughout the country, these seniors remain optimistic.

“Pretty much all of our competitions are cancelled, so we’re just trying to continue to make progress and maybe get a head start on the people who are taking it easy,” Hosty said.

The seniors have managed to save their gains for the last month and a half, but with gyms reopening soon, they’re trying to figure out what to do with all of their equipment.

“We may either resell it or keep it around to use for holidays and stuff,” Hosty said.

Whether or not gyms stay open in the event of a second spike in coronavirus cases, these seniors are more than ready to handle another round of quarantine. “Alpha Male Barbell” has no plans of closing down anytime soon.