Wienecke: Top 10 Senior Athletes


Luke Wienecke, Sports Editor


This article reflects the opinions of the Chi Rhoan staff and sports editor Luke Wienecke. 

As the class of 2021 reaches of the end of their high school careers, Chi Rhoan sports editor Luke Wienecke looks back and finds the best of the fighting Irish. The result: a defintive ranking of the top ten senior athletes. After careful consideration and close consultation with our school’s sports experts, this  list factors in achievement across multiple sports, raw athleticism, and most of all, skill.

  1. Julianne Bentley

Julianne Bentley has been a valuable member of the Cheer team through all 4 of her years at McGuinness. Even making the state team as a freshman, Bentley went on to win 3 state championships and one runner up trophy. But Bentley’s athleticism is not limited to just cheer; she’s also a starting forward on the varsity soccer team. Between Bentley’s 4 year varsity cheer career and her speed on the soccer field, she has demonstrated a unique mix of quickness and agility, making her the number 10 best athlete of the class of 2021

  1. Jake Kelley

Senior Jake Kelley has been a starting pitcher for the varsity since his sophomore year. Kelley has been a one-sport horse through his four years, but his high level of play has anchored the team. Playing club baseball in the fall and summer, Kelley has built up his baseball resume enough to secure an offer to play at the collegiate level. As the best baseball player of the Irish class of 2021, his strength and commitment to the game has paid off, making him the ninth best athlete of the class.

  1. Gavin Johnston

In his freshman and through his junior year, Gavin Johnston took on just about the longest days you can schedule at McGuinness. Starting at 5:30 AM, Johnston ran with the cross country team every day before school, but instead of heading home after school like most runners, Johnson headed to football practice. Three to four hours later, he was back home after a 13 hour work day. All this commitment yielded big results on the field, with Johnston catching multiple touchdowns from his slot receiver role this year. Gavin combined sneaky speed and endurance to keep the energy in his routes all game long, leading to a solid contribution to the state championship run. Overall, Johnston established himself as one of the best all around runners in the school, and a valuable role player in the Irish Football Offense.

  1. Dylan Sokolovsky

Coming in at number seven, Dylan Sokolovsky led the Irish volleyball team to a fifth place finish in the 6A state tournament,in their first year after being bumped up from 5A. Through interviews with teammates, it’s clear that Sokolovsky brought the leadership that propelled the team to its underdog success. As a setter, she expertly fed the hitters using her speed and high volleyball IQ. With the high level of success this year among some of the 6A powerhouses, the student body showed up to support the squad in big numbers this year, ushering in a new era of excitement about volleyball. Sokolovsky’s commitment and athleticism paid dividends when she got an offer from OCU to continue her volleyball career. 



  1. Grady Morton

Grady Morton was the first ever male to join the Irish Cheer team his sophomore year. After practicing flips and handsprings in his backyard freshman year, Morton joined the program and consequently went on to win two first place finishes and one runner up trophy at cheer state. As the best tumbler on the team, Morton took to joining competitive cheer as well with Twist and Shout, paving the way for him to cheer next year at The University of Oklahoma. Morton’s natural athleticism, talent for tumbling, and intense work ethic, makes him the number six best athlete in the class of 2021.

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