DanceVisions team prepares for showcase amid COVID-19 pandemic

Natalie Edmonds, Staff Writer

DanceVisions has been preparing for its annual showcase since August, but the Coronavirus outbreak has left them unsure of their future.

“We all agreed the show must go on,” sophomore Sophia Lopez said. “We are still planning on having it in our auditorium, potentially over the summer, hoping for a live audience when the time is right.”

The team is still practicing, even with the uncertainty of whether the show will happen. 

“We still meet via Zoom at our regular rehearsal time to warm up and train together,” DanceVisions Coach Allison High said. “It is definitely much different than it would be if we learned them in person, but it’s nice to have something to focus on.”

The girls have put in hundreds of hours of work since August, perfecting their technique and skills. 

“Beginning in August we’ve been working on technique, practicing combos and learning a lot of choreography for our spring show,” Lopez said. “We have also been taking classes outside of DV, participated in workshops, and have even taken a few masterclasses”.   

The team is trying to stay as unified as possible and keeping a positive attitude. 

“Even though we are unable to be together in person, it’s great to see everyone’s faces and laugh together. We are making it work,” Lopez said. 

“Dance is so much about connection. Despite the reality of our situation feeling overwhelming, they (the team) are working hard and finding ways to stay grounded through dance.”

— Allison High, Dance-Visions Coach

Senior Ella Platt, a DanceVisions member since her sophomore year, was excited to get to perform her solo at the showcase.

“The concept behind my solo is climbing through ups and downs of life, beautiful and chaotic,” Platt said. “You can have it all together and be composed, as well as fight through your hardships with courage”.

Every year, the dance company selects a title for their show. This year, it’s entitled “bloom.”

“For me personally, it’s a reminder of our potential and how far we’ve all come this year,” Lopez said. “I feel like we’ve all worked very hard to become stronger and more beautiful dancers, as well as grown as a team to be more passionate, capable, and loving individuals”.

    With her last year being cut short, Platt reflected on her time as a member of Dance-Visions. 

“I will miss the friendship and bond of such a large group of girls”, Platt said. “They’re all so special to me and can change my mood in a second. They’re a huge group who are always supportive and will have your back!”.

Even with a heartbreaking ending to the season, High is optimistic about the future.

“Dance is so much about connection,” High said. “Despite the process not being the same and the reality of our situation feeling overwhelming, they are working hard and finding ways to stay grounded through dance.”